Brighthouse / Spectrum success story

So, I called Brighthouse / Spectrum today.  I only have their 100MB Internet and pay $69.99 a month for it.  I think that is an outrageous price and I was hoping they'd lower it.

The first representative I spoke to gave me the usual, scripted crap, i.e. "You are paying the rate that we charge for the service".  Well, duh.  I mention that the competition offers a much lower price and the representative stated that "their service is by far not as good as ours".  Red flag there, you should never put down the competition.  

Next, she offered me a new bundle of TV, Internet, and Home phone.  I get the TV service for free through the Condo complex and I have absolutely no interest in 19th-century home phone technology.  That's a no-go on my end.

The representative now has no more choices in the script and circles around to the bundle again.  I ask her if there is nothing the company wants to do to retain a customer.  She then proceeds to transfer me to their customer retention department (they call it something different).  After 2 minutes on hold, another lady answers the phone and repeats my case.  She then realizes something (the fact that I get TV through the Condo complex). and gets confused.  "Let me check on that for you, give me another minute please".  Sure, no problem.   The awful hold music again.  After about 2 minutes she states that she has "someone looking into it" and places me back on hold.

Another 3 minutes go by and she returns, stating "I was able to get you our promotional offer of $44.99 as of today, Sir".  

Thank you very much, that was all I wanted in the first place.