Continued Car Trouble

As some of you know, the engine on my 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited locked up on 1/27/18.  Had to have the car towed to the dealership; they sent the data to Hyundai for warranty claim and Hyundai approved it.  

Within less than a week I had a new engine.  Well, "new" is not the right word.  All you get is the core of the engine, the plugs, coils, filters, sensors etc. are all coming from the old engine.  So, no surprise that they also do not offer a new warranty but only give you the remainder of the original warranty. 

And, so another saga begins; coming home 2 nights ago, I noticed that the engine was hesitating at lights and was sputtering.  When I floored the pedal, it was fine.  On Monday, 3/20/18 I took the car to the Marathon station and Service Center on Highland Ave. in Clearwater.  By now the check engine light had come on, so they were able to read the error "Misfire in cylinder 2".  But there was also something wrong with the battery; comes to find out that the positive terminal was loose.  Not sure how that happened unless it was never properly tightened at the dealership.

They ordered a coil for the cylinder and it had to be delivered from Orlando (Advanced AutoParts).  Went today (3/20) to have the new coil installed, but (oh boy) Advanced sent the wrong one.  My car is a LIMITED and I guess the coils differ from the regular engine.  I know the mechanic ordered the right one, I hard him say "2015 Sonata Limited" when he ordered it.  Now, they have to order the correct one which should be here tomorrow.  

But my gripe with this is that Hyundai does not even bother replacing engine parts after an engine lockup.  Is that normal?