Today was a SPEEDBUMP kind of day

Today started off quite decent but it turned into a mess rather quickly.

During my first delivery, I had to park near the practice field for the Philadelphia Phillies here in Clearwater. Took the delivery inside only to return to my car and find the windshield smashed by a baseball. Not in the best of moods, but holding back my frustration and a few ready to use cuss words, I went to the manager's office only to hear "Well, you park here at your own risk". I knew my insurance was going to cover the windshield, no problem, but at least I expected an apology or sorry. Nothing; shows the class of the organization I guess.

Had to cancel my second delivery as well as lost the opportunity to make money driving UBER for at least today. And to think, Palm Harbor is surging at 4.9 because of the VALSPAR PGA Championship.

I filed the insurance claim, only to find out that 99% of auto glass places are booked through Wednesday. Found a smaller shop that is approved by my insurance and waiting for them to call me now to confirm my appointment for tomorrow. Hopefully early in the morning, so I can drive in the afternoon.